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A Glimpse of LEAD Prayana 2013

Watch this video from Day 4 of LEAD Prayana 2013 to see a glimpse of what the upcoming 2014 journey will be like!

LEAD Prayana 2013: Day 4
The Prayanis began their day very early and traveled to the farming house of Dr. Narayana Reddy. Dr. Reddy has been a pioneer in organic farming and has served as a role model for many organic farmers. His farming methods provide several alternatives to chemical farming, including SRI paddy cultivation. He writes a regular column in LEISA India Magazine and actively interacts with farmers and NGOs from across the country.

At Dr. Reddy's farm, the Prayanis, learned firsthand the different aspects of organic farming: harvesting, watering of the plants, and preparing of the organic manure.

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