Destinations and Itinerary 2015


(January 23, 2015- February 7, 2015)


January 23: Belagavi

              Reporting and Hosting Day

              Journey Introduction at VTU

              LP Kick off

January 24: Belagavi

              VTU Campus visit

              Session by Dr. Maheshappa

              Journey Flag off

January 25: Tumakuru

              Session by Dr. Sree Sree Sree Shivkumar Swamiji

              Exposure visit at math

January 26: Dodballapur

              Visit to organic farm

              Session by Dr.Narayana Reddy

January 27 Kuppam

              Visit to Agastya International Foundation

              Community activities

January 28: Kuppam

              Team building activities at Agastya

International Foundation

              Cultural Activities : Skit, Dandia, Folk songs



January 23: Nizamabad

            Reporting and Hosting Day

            Journey Introduction at Kakatiya Sandbox

            LEAD Prayana Kick off

            Visit to Narsingpally Village and stay

January 24: Narsingapally and SRDS

            Morning eco walk and village visit.

            Session by Mr. Dil Raju, Mr. V. Narsimha Reddy

            Visit to SRDS Project and session by Mr. Sikandar Meeranayak

January 25: Hyderabad

            Visit/Educational tour to CARE Hospital

            Personal Development & Open House session by Dr. Krishna Reddy

January 26: Hyderabad

            Morning Yoga and Republic Day Celebration in Sri Saraswathi Shishu Mandir

            Visit to IIIT-H

            Session by Mr. Srinivas Kollipara and IIIT-H Incubators (Entrepreneurs)

            Session by Mr. Srikanth Bolla

January 27: Secunderabad

            Visit to GVK EMRI

            Expose to the different departments/work place/labs, training session for all the participants.

January 28: Hyderabad

            Visit to Hitachi Consulting.

            Visit to Vidya Help Line center.

            Session with Mr. Mayur.


Together We Travel

January 29: Bengaluru

            Exposure visit and session at Microsoft Ventures

            Interaction with Team Indus

            Session with Mr. Ramji Raghavan

            Visit to S-VYASA and session by Dr. Nagendra H

January 30: Mysuru

            Exposure visit of Infosys

            Session with Infosys leader

January 31 & February 1: Dharmasthala

            Site visits at Dharmasthala

            Session with Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade

February 2: Manipal /Mangalore

            Exposure visit to Cashew Industry

            Session with Mr. Sasishekar Krish

            Educational tour of Manipal University campus

            Session with Dr. Vinod Bhat

Feburary 3: Hubballi

            Team building activities at Hubballi

            Session with Mr. Gautam Ostwal

February 4: Dharwad

            Visits to Akshay Patra kitchen

            Visit to Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya

 Feburary 5: Hubballi

            Session with Mr. Gururaj Desphande and Mrs. Jayshree Desphande

            Session with Mr. Phanindra Sama

            Session with Mrs. Shravani

Feburary 6: Hubballi (YUVA SUMMIT)

            Participation in YUVA Summit

            Session with Role models and Speakers

Feburary 7: Hubballi

            Session with Mr. Kailash Satyarthi

            Leaders Gala gathering


       Route-1 Journey


The exciting enriching journey of LEAD Prayana begins here. Belagavi is located on the border of Karnataka state, Maharashtra and Goa, has diverse cultural identity which makes it ideal place to begin the journey of learning. Hence 100+ students from different states and cultures of India will gather here to become a memorable part of LEAD Prayana.


Tumakuru is on a elevated land which is intersected by river valleys. It is known as ‘Kalpa-taru Nadu’ for its production of coconut. A range of hills rising to nearly 4,000 feet (1,200 m) crosses it from north to south, forming the watershed between the systems of the Krish-na and the Kaveri. Tumkur is also known for Sree Siddaganga math which has immensely contributed to the development of the society.


Doddaballapura is about 40 km from Bangalore towards North. This town was once known for weaving silk. Doddaballapura is a calm city which is known for several historical tem-ples. The town is also an upcoming IT Hub with the development of BIAL IT Investment Region. Dodballapur has gifted the country with Narayana Reddy who is a legendry organic farmer.


Kuppam in Andhra Pradesh is an educational hub with an engineering colleges, medical colleges and Dravidian University. It is also known for Agastya International Foundation, an incredibly successful NGO that strives to bring hands-on science and creativity to all Indian children. It also runs one of the largest mobile science education programs for under-priv-ileged children and rural teachers in the world.

                   Route-2 Journey


The city from where Godavari enters Telangana is Nizamabad and the city from where the exciting journey of Prayana route2.Nizamabad means the city of the governer. It is locat-ed in the north-western region in the state of Telangana and is one of the ten talukas of Nizamabad.


It is a model village at 15 km from the district headquarters, Nizambhad in Telangana. It has a population of around 3600 and is known for its self sustainability model. It has become an example for other villages. Mr. Narsimha Reddy is the man behind the success story of Narsingapally.


Hyderabad is the common capital of both the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It was established in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. Hyderabad was historically known as a pearl and diamond trading centre, and it continues to be known as the City of Pearls.


Secunderabad is twin city of Hyderabad located in the state of Telangana. It is named after Sikandar Jah, The third Nizam of the Asaf Jahi dynasty, Secunderabad was founded in 1806 as a British cantonment. Being one of the largest cantonments in India, Secunderabad has a large presence of army and air force personnel.

Exploring Together


Bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka. It is one of the largest cities and is the fourth-larg-est metropolitan city in India. It is also known as the Garden City of India because of its gentle climate, broad streets, greenery and the presence of many public parks. Recently, in past few years, it has become the hub of information technology and hence has earned the name ‘Silicon Valley of India’.


The earlier capital of Wodeyar dynasty is known for its palaces, rich culture and heritage. Mysore style of painting, the sweet dish Mysore Pak, the Mysore Peta (a traditional silk turban) and the garment known as the Mysore silk sari is popular throughout the world. Mysore has progressed in the Information Technology too with the Infosys establishing its largest campus at Mysuru.


As the name suggests “Dharmasthala” is the center of justice and truthfulness. Being the abode of ‘Lord Manjunatheswara’ it exhibits the glory of religion, duty and righteousness.
Under the guidance of Dr. Veerendra Heggadde, Dharmasthala exhibits religious tolerance wherein caste, creed and faith of pilgrims have no bars.


Located in the rocky hinterland of the Malabar Coast, the university town is an abode of education. With a commanding view of the Arabian Sea, this place houses the famous Ma-nipal University that has produced some of the best leaders in every field.


Dharwad is a peaceful green city. From very early days, it has been known as a hub for education and the arts. The Dharwad region is well provided with schools, polytechnics, ITIs, engineering colleges and universities. In addition to its impressive list of educational institutions, Dharwad region has also contributed great proponents of Hindustani classical music and other arts.


In Kannada, Hubballi means “flowering creeper.” As the name suggests, we believe Hubballi will offer a promising end for the participants of LEAD Prayana by letting the flowers of knowledge, self awareness and leadership bloom within them. At the LEAD office in Hubballi, we end this leadership journey by bringing back smarter individual leaders.