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"The heart doesn't always lie where the brain does. Ultimately there is a place where these two are at peace with each other. That is the place where one should be. Yes, it is not easy and will never get easier. But once the mettle is put to test, anything less than that will never suffice. Challenges make a man. The biggest asset is the brain and shall never be put to rest however it should be rejuvenated. After two weeks, I was a more aware voyageur. Only time will tell where each one of us progresses, but the real journey is within. If I am at peace with myself then there is nothing else that matters. That peace comes with karma and fulfilling my sense of purpose in life, and LEAD Prayana has helped me to get another step closer to that sense of fulfillment.
Thank you for the same."

-Alysha Tharani 
2013 LEAD Prayana Participant

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